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The Great Reimagination: The Transformation Diaries

Source: Good Housekeeeping

Good Housekeeping spoke with a Caron alum about how treatment and recovery have empowered her to live a more fulfilled life in an article on personal transformation entitled "The Great Reimagination: The Transformation Diaries". It was inspired by the spirit of resilience after a chaotic pandemic challenged us to reevaluate our lives and, in many instances, make substantial changes.

For Carina, she talks about despite having it all, she lost her sense of purpose, saying "I had it all, but my soul was empty.”

Click to read the inspiring story in Good Housekeeping.

Having that time away from my family to just focus on myself, without responsibilities, allowed me to do a lot of work on myself in a short amount of time.”

Carina U., Caron Alumna
Source: Good Housekeeping
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