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South Heidelberg police introduce K-9 Aldo

Covered by WFMZ-TV 69

Pictured (L to R): Caron Chief Clinical Officer David Rotenberg, South Heidelberg Police Chief Leon Grim, Officer Bryan Baxter with his new K-9 partner, Aldo, and Caron VP of Facilities Support Operations Dave Schulze.

Chief Clinical Officer Dave Rotenberg and Dave Schulze, Vice President of Facilities Support Operations, along with South Heidelberg Police Chief, Leon Grim, introduced the new K-9 at South Heidelberg Township's municipal meeting in July 2021.

Click to watch WFMZ Channel 69's news clip.

Caron and the South Heidelberg Township Police Department have a long-standing partnership. Most recently, the police department was able to add Aldo to its force, made possible in part by Caron. Aldo is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, and article search - ultimately enhancing the safety and security of the community.

"It provides Caron, with the help of the local police, an extra layer of security and protection as our patients come in. We need and want and have to have the safest treatment community possible."

David Rotenberg, Caron Chief Clinical Officer
Source: WFMZ
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