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"Hardly Anything": The FDA's Weak Enforcement Record with Vaping Retailers

Treatment Magazine wrote "Hardly Anything": The FDA's Weak Enforcement Record with Vaping Retailers as its feature focus in its newsletter. As part of the discussion on the youth vaping crisis, it highlighted Caron’s Project Connect cessation program.

Tara Shuster, Coordinator of Caron’s Project Connect for Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama, spoke about the important role the program can play in helping youth make lifechanging decisions. A student who participated in a Pennsylvania program also shared his experience in the story.


Meanwhile, early intervention programs like Project CONNECT are in demand. This year Caron Treatment Centers added two new states, Alabama and Kentucky, to its programming. The prospect makes Schuster’s “heart so happy” because of the difference she sees the program making on the ground.

Back when Schuster’s Week 3 class at Jonesboro High ended and the students piled out, “J” hung back. The moment is seared in Schuster’s mind—especially when “J” told her, “You know what, Miss Tara, I know you’re here. I know you care. And I know this program can help me, because I do not want to smoke.”

Schuster, teary-eyed, pauses as she recounts the memory.

“It was a beautiful moment,” she says. “I knew he was where he was supposed to be.”

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