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Promising Data Proves Benefit of Caron's Treatment Model

Following the 2021 RxSummit, The Philadelphia Inquirer covered ground-breaking outcomes of the data released by Caron and Independence Blue Cross (IBC) in an article entitled, "Caron Treatment Centers cuts readmissions under unusual contract with Independence Blue Cross; IBC's contract with Caron is the only one it has that puts an addiction-treatment center on the hook for readmissions. It paid off."

Read the article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Outlined in the article, IBC's release of outcomes shows:

  • Caron's readmission rates were 5.6% for 90-days post-treatment for IBC 2019 members, which was significantly better than IBC's six other unidentified providers in the cohort, ranging from 11.6% - 25.7%.
  • The high rate (94.4%) of 90-day post-treatment recovery shows that Caron's approach on quality, multidisciplinary treatment protocols with a median in-patient stay of 25 days, combined with a long-term disease management plan, works.

Statistics were initially presented by Independence Blue Cross at the 2021 Rx Summit and was cited in Philadelphia Inquirer article. IBC studied readmission rates for 90-days post-treatment (2019 data) of Caron and six other providers.

The outcomes speak for themselves. (Caron has) done a really nice job."

Richard Snyder, Chief Medical Officer, Independence Blue Cross
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
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