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Caron Medical Director: What We Get Wrong in Behavioral Health

Source: Behavioral Health Business

In Dr. Adam Scioli's op-ed in Behavioral Health Business, he addresses the need to take a more comprehensive approach to behavioral health in the U.S. and why what we're doing in the US isn't quite working, including these broader points:

  • People cannot find or afford the help they need
  • There are huge gaps in how we educate and train health care practitioners on behavioral health
  • We emphasize stability over wellness, limiting the length of treatment
  • We have siloed treatment of mental health and SUD
  • Relying solely on medication is becoming a norm that dismisses what we know works
  • Our fascination with ‘magic pills’ extends to substances such as cannabis and psilocybin
  • The emergence of xylazine (or tranq) as a street drug underscores that there are no quick fixes

Read the article: Caron Medical Director: What We Get Wrong in Behavioral Health.

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