Caron Terms and Conditions

For Participants in Caron Social Media Campaigns


The Richard J. Caron Foundation, publicly known as Caron Treatment Centers ( (“Caron”), is a nationally recognized, non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and education programs. As part of Caron’s mission to educate and help anyone with a substance abuse problem, Caron uses Social Media (as defined below) to engage with alumni, friends and family, others who are interested in Caron’s programs, and the public at large (each, a “Participant”). These Terms and Conditions for Participants in Caron Social Media Campaigns, which incorporate by reference Caron’s Policy on Online Social Communities (“Terms and Conditions”) describe how Caron uses Social Media, how Caron identifies Participants in its Social Media campaigns, and how Caron may use content that Participants provide in response to Caron’s Social Media campaigns.


1. Definition of “Social Media”.

We at Caron define “Social Media” to mean all manner of online social networks and social media platforms, whether existing now or developed in the future. “Social Media” specifically includes, but is not limited to: social networks (e.g., Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Yahoo Finance Message Board); social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, and Flickr); messaging and micro blogging platforms (e.g., Twitter, and Tumblr); blogs and other online journals, forums, or diaries; bulletin boards and news aggregators (e.g., Reddit and Digg); video (e.g., YouTube, Periscope, etc), and chat rooms.

2. How Caron Uses Social Media.

Social Media provides many opportunities for Caron to engage with Participants. For instance, Caron may engage in a Social Media campaign to encourage, collect, and facilitate the sharing of positive statements, images, and other content from Participants regarding their experiences with substance abuse treatment and recovery; the benefits of substance abuse treatment; an affirmation for those in treatment or recovery; or other initiatives related to Caron’s mission. These Social Media campaigns may be based on an online site or platform operated or controlled by Caron—such as Caron’s Web site or Caron’s Chit Chat blog—or on Social Media operated or controlled by a third party—such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Caron initiates Social Media campaigns by publishing content and soliciting content from Participants on Caron’s own sites and platforms or through Caron’s official usernames, handles, pages, and accounts with third-party sites and platforms. Where possible, Caron uses its name, marks, logos, and other identifiers to clearly indicate Caron’s affiliation with the content and Social Media campaigns.

3. How Caron Identifies Participants.

When Caron conducts a Social Media campaign, Caron shall use commercially reasonable efforts, where possible, to provide a link to these Terms and Conditions, including providing such a link in its first communication initiating a Social Media campaign, in communications sent by Caron from time to time during a Social Media campaign, and on Caron’s own sites and platforms discussing the Social Media campaign, provided that not every communication by Caron may contain a link to these Terms and Conditions. Caron shall also use commercially reasonable efforts, where possible, to include in its own communications, and to encourage Participants to include in their communications, a unique label, tag, or identifier (e.g., a hashtag) (“Tag”) to permit the grouping of communications intended to be included in or responsive to a Social Media campaign. Caron intends to use Tags that are original to Caron or that are not known by Caron to be in present or reasonably recent use by others. Caron will assume that, after initiating a Social Media campaign with such a Tag, any Social Media content including the same Tag is made by a Participant with the intention of being responsive to Caron’s Social Media campaign.

Unless there is a clear indication to the contrary, Caron assumes that if you publish Social Media content that includes such a Tag that you intend to be a Participant and you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

4. How Caron May Use Content Participants Provide in Response to a Social Media Campaign.

When you include a Tag used by Caron to initiate a Social Media campaign when you publish Social Media content, you indicate that you understand and agree to the following:

(a) You may be disclosing personal information, including personal health information, in a public forum. Caron has no control over and is not responsible for how your content may be used by third parties, such as the media or a third person or entity, either known or unknown to you or Caron.

(b) You consent to Caron’s use of the content you publish, including any personal health information, for purposes related to Caron’s mission and treatment philosophy. Specifically, you grant to Caron a perpetual, non-exclusive, world-wide, sublicensable, royalty-free license to use, display, copy, perform, distribute, publish, and create derivative works of your content, including, as applicable, any text, photos, graphics, sounds, or videos included in the content, as well as your name and your likeness, for purposes related to Caron’s mission and treatment philosophy, including Caron’s marketing and promotional purposes in any media (including, without limitation, in connection with Social Media, traditional media, and Caron’s blogs and e-newsletters), without payment or further consideration.

(c) Caron may choose to use, or not use, the content you provide in its discretion. For instance, if Caron requests names and photos from individuals who support recovery as part of a Social Media campaign focused on recovery education, and you provide your first name and a photo, Caron may re-tweet your information. Caron may also directly or indirectly link to your content through Social Media and across Social Media sites and platforms. If you provide written content, you consent to Caron’s editing such content for purposes related to its use by Caron, such as to reduce the word count. If you have provided a photo, you consent to Caron’s editing the photo for formatting, such as by cropping and sizing and to obscure any objectionable or proprietary content.

(d) Caron may use the content you provide to contact you, for instance, to determine your interest in participating in an education campaign. Caron will never sell your contact information.

5. Disclaimers, Waivers, and Other Terms.

(a) If you publish content to a Social Media site or platform operated or controlled by Caron, your content shall not: (i) include any profane, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, menacing, harassing, or violent content; (ii) depict or suggest nudity or sexual acts; (iii) promote hatred, including against members of a protected group; (iv) be objectively shocking or disgusting; (v) depict or suggest presently occurring illegal activity; (vi) include unlicensed proprietary content of a third party, including, e.g., third-party content protected by copyright or trademark for which you do not have a license; (vii) breach any duty of confidentiality you may have to a third party (e.g., disclose private information about a third party without consent); or (viii) be contrary to Caron’s mission or treatment philosophy.

(b) By submitting content in response to a Caron Social Media campaign, you knowingly and voluntarily assume the risks of such publication, including the risks described in these Terms and Conditions; you waive any claims against, and release from all liability, Caron and its affiliates, and its and their employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives; and you agree to hold each of them harmless for (a) any use or misuse of your content by any third party, including any act or omission of any kind in connection with such use or misuse, and (b) any use of your content by Caron, unless such use violates these Terms and Conditions.

(c) Caron reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or suspend a Social Media campaign, for any reason or for no reason.

6. How to Contact Caron.

Please contact Caron regarding any questions, concerns, disputes, or comments you have about a Caron Social Media campaign or these Terms and Conditions at

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