2023 Partner in Recovery Award

Caron is pleased to present Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) Pennsylvania with our Partner in Recovery Award, recognizing their commitment and support of the legal community, and partnership with Caron over the years. Since 1988, LCL has confidentially assisted over 13,500 Pennsylvania lawyers, judges, their family members, and law students struggling with substance use and mental health disorders.

LCL is an independent, non-profit corporation run by judges and lawyers for the benefit of the Bench and Bar. LCL staff and leadership understand the stresses of law school and legal practice. They are in recovery or in support of those recovering from a variety of mental health & substance use challenges. LCL is funded through the incredible generosity of grants from the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security and the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, although LCL does not share any information with either agency or any third party.

In 2012, Judges Concerned for Judges (JCJ) was officially launched under the umbrella of LCL. JCJ is a specialized track for the judiciary and their family members, including a separate helpline and judicial peer base.

LCL is a national lawyers assistance program leader. LCL created the first pilot student office hours program/initiative in all Pennsylvania and Delaware law schools in 2012. This program was such a success that other lawyers assistance programs have launched similar programs nationally. Eighteen years ago, LCL launched and annually hosts the Deans of Students Retreat that is a well-attended roundtable discussion by Deans, law schools, and bar and bench leaders nationally.

LCL is also a visible leader in national education on substance use and mental health challenges.

LCL provides a wide range of supportive services to legal professionals and their families, including but not limited to a 24-hour helpline (with an LCL team member always on call), LCL sponsored assessments with healthcare professionals, educational resources, intervention and treatment admissions assistance, confidential support groups, peer support, mental health/substance use education and continuing legal education. Through their work, LCL supports over 650 individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania each year.

Executive Director Laurie J. Besden, Esq., Caron alumnus, received Caron's Legal Professional/Uniformed Public Service Award for the Greater Philadelphia Region in 2019.

Caron and LCL have partnered on a number of educational initiatives over the past decade, and regularly collaborate to best support individuals seeking substance use education and treatment. LCL has worked with countless Caron alumni, supporting individuals as they re-enter the legal profession following treatment. For their work and commitment to supporting those at all stages of their recovery, we are honored to recognize Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers with the 2023 Partner In Recovery Award.

2023 Caron Greater Philadelphia Gala

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