Pediatric Substance Use Disorder Education Program

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Addiction is an epidemic in America with far ranging implications in all facets of society. As a leading not-for-profit provider of addiction treatment, Caron is committed to educating health care professionals not only about the opioid epidemic, but also about addiction in general. Our goal is to empower medical professionals to understand the disease of addiction – including signs, symptoms and co-occurring issues that may manifest differently depending upon the demographic. Caron’s programming is extensive including teens, young adults, adults, healthcare professionals, legal professionals, executives and older adults.

At this time, healthcare professionals typically receive fewer than 10 hours in addiction specific training. At Caron, we believe that the paradigm needs to shift to ensure that healthcare professionals are armed with the information they need to proactively prevent the onset of addiction wherever possible and to facilitate access to treatment when appropriate.

  • Integrating substance use disorder approaches into daily practice, including screenings into routine medical assessments
  • Understanding the causes of substance use disorders
  • Exploring the role of pediatricians in substance use prevention, screenings, intervention, referral to treatment, and recovery
  • Recognizing that substance use disorders are a family disease that require support for everyone
  • Identifying one’s own attitudes that promote or prevent therapeutic responses to patients with substance use disorders
  • Gaining the skills needed to utilize motivational interviewing techniques to enhance patient’s readiness to change
  • Recognizing frequently abused substances among teens
  • Understanding the relationship between mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Referring patients to appropriate care, including mutual support groups that support recovery

  • Addiction as a Disease – Caron’s Chief Medical Director Lecture
  • C-SBIRT -Caron’s Training for Healthcare Professionals on Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment – Digital Course
  • Impact of Substance Use Disorders on the Family: Hope for Recovery – Digital Course
  • Medically Assisted Treatment – Caron’s Chief Medical Director Lecture
  • Vaping and Marijuana: Tools and Insight – Digital Course

  • Participants will register on-line and select a workshop date
  • Completion of the Digital Learning Curriculum is required in advance of the Live Workshop
  • A pre-test and post-test will be completed on-line
  • Attendance is required at the live virtual workshop from 5:30-9:00 pm
  • An evaluation of the program will be requested

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