Caron’s Virtual Series: Women in Conversation

Thursday, July 11th 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Caron’s Virtual Series: Women in Conversation

Women in Conversation Series

A Conversation with Dr. Ramona Roberts, Senior Executive Director of Caron Outpatient Services

We are excited to welcome Dr. Roberts to the Women in Conversation Series.

In this installment, Dr. Roberts will discuss with Aly Ries, Director of Alumni Relations and Development, the concept of grace in recovery. The role of grace can be embraced in many ways and helps people in recovery find a source of strength and inspiration. We look forward to seeing you on zoom for this important conversation!

Dr. Ramona Palmerio-Roberts, CCS, CCTP-II, CET1, Licensed Psychologist

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Dr. Roberts’ passion and commitment provide visionary leadership to the Caron team and patient care, advancing the quality of treatment and supporting recovery for life. With expertise in Co-occurring Disorders, Trauma, Diversity Issues, she has been an integral part of Caron's commitment to the education and treatment of patients both individually and in group settings. Dr. Roberts’ collaborative and empathetic leadership style is a natural outgrowth of her rich clinical experience which includes a particular commitment to trauma-focused treatment. Dr. Roberts is the author of Making Sense of What Hasn’t Made Sense, which is geared towards trauma survivors, family members, friends, and clinicians, and has garnered both the Counselor’s Choice award in 2022 and the Independent Press’ Distinguished Favorite award in 2023.

"I see every individual that comes through our doors as having innate healing and growth potential that just needs to be tapped into in conjunction with appropriate education, awareness, and treatment. Clinicians can’t change the past for anyone, but we can help clients change their relationship with their past to develop healthier living.”

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This quarterly series features inspirational women, who will discuss various topics related to the unique strengths, experiences, and challenges of being a woman in recovery. Through this series, we aim to create a safe space for women to come together, find connection, and engage in meaningful conversation. Featuring authors, podcast hosts, recovery advocates, clinicians and experts, this series will allow us to dig into topics relevant to our everyday lives in recovery. You will have the chance to be an active participant, with time dedicated to your questions and shares. Join women from throughout the country for this special series—Caron alumni, family and friends are all welcome!

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Thursday, July 11th 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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