Strategies for Family Recovery & Satell Children and Teens Program- Phil.

Saturday, March 25th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Caron Philadelphia Outpatient Treatment Center

Strategies for Family Recovery & Satell Children and Teens Program- Phil.

Strategies for Family Recovery

Have you struggled with setting healthy boundaries with your loved one who is in recovery? Do you find it hard to communicate your feelings?

If so, you are experiencing some of the same challenges that most family members experience when navigating the disease of addiction. Coping with the challenges associated with a loved one’s substance use disorder can be complicated. Join us for this half-day workshop where we will explore substance use disorder as a chronic disease, as well as discuss strategies to effectively communicate your needs and maintain boundaries that are comfortable to you. You will leave with a solid foundation and multiple resources to support your journey toward healing and resilience.

Who Should Attend this Program?

Any family member or loved one, 18 years and older, who has been impacted by a loved one’s substance use will benefit from participating in this workshop.

The Satell Children and Teens Program

Growing up in a family with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings who have substance use disorders puts children at greater risk of developing a substance use disorder and/or other behavioral health issues, such as:

  • Low self-esteem/loneliness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Poor academic performance
  • Relationship problems
  • Hope for Recovery

This program educates children about the disease of addiction and helps them to understand that they are not responsible for the disease or for “fixing” it. Program leaders create a safe and caring environment that gives children space to talk about how they feel and learn that it is okay to trust others.

The program also helps them to:

  • Process their feelings about how substance use disorder has impacted them, their family member, and their family unit as a whole.
  • Understand treatment and recovery. Identify a support system.
  • Develop healthy coping and problem-solving skills.
  • Make healthy choices.
  • Communicate effectively with their family members.

Program leaders incorporate activities, including crafts, team-building exercises, recreation, and educational groups. At the end of the program, each family receives a list of resources that can provide ongoing support and education about substance use disorder for their child.

Caron is pleased to announce simultaneous family education workshops for adults and children who have been affected by a loved one’s substance use. Strategies for Family Recovery is designed for spouses, partners, parents of children or teens, parents of adults, adult children or any other adult who loves someone who abuses substances. The Satell Children and Teens Program is designed for youth, aged 7-17, who have a parent or caregiver, a sibling, or some other close family member who struggles with substance use.

Registration for each of the programs is separate. The fee to register is $50/person. A discount is provided to families that who register participants in both programs. If registering for both programs, the fee to register is $75/family. Fees include the cost of lunch and resources that will be provided to the participants on the day of the workshop.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Cory Trevena, CPS - Caron Treatment Centers Senior Director of Education

As senior director of education, Cory Trevena advances the mission of Caron’s Education Department by providing leadership to ensure that world-class prevention and early intervention services are provided to all students, families, and community partners. She focuses primarily on student assistance services for K-12 and higher education. Cory started working for Caron in 2005. Before becoming the senior director in January 2020, she was a regional director for the Student Assistance Program. She takes pride in providing exceptional services for young people and their parents, recognizing the struggles that so many young people and their families face in dealing with substance use. She has a master’s degree in general psychology and is a certified prevention specialist (CPS) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mallory Henry, CPS, - Caron Treatment Centers Senior Coordinator of Student Assistance

As a senior coordinator of student assistance programming, Mallory Henry oversees the educational services Caron provides to schools, educators, students, and families in Pennsylvania, which include prevention and substance use education.

In her role, she sets goals and strategies for the department and defines the actions needed to put them into practice. Mallory supervises approximately 30 specialists who provide education in schools and other youth-serving organizations. She is also a Pennsylvania-approved Student Assistance Program training provider.

She came to Caron in 2012 to work in the Student Assistance Programming Department, starting out in direct service providing education in schools, then becoming a lead specialist and a coordinator after that, before taking on her current position in 2020. Her degree in secondary education and experience in the behavioral health field have equipped her to take on the challenges and possibilities the job offers.

Mallory is a certified prevention specialist and has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Penn State.

Christina Getz, BSW - Caron Treatment Centers Coordinator of Student Assistance

Christina Getz is a coordinator of student assistance programs and the Satell Children and Teens Program coordinator.

In these roles, she oversees the programming and services for both programs, helps to facilitate the Children and Teens Program, and provides Student Assistance Program training to educators and professionals. That work involves program planning and implementation, staff supervision, program marketing, and administrative duties.

Christina came to Caron in 2011 as a student assistance specialist and then moved into a role as lead student specialist before taking her current positions. Prior to coming to Caron, she worked in a program for pregnant and parenting teenagers, providing support and services. That experience inspired her to work with students who were struggling, which is what brought her to Caron.

She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree. She is trained in the PeaceLove’s CREATORS Program expressive arts curriculum and is a Playmaker with “Life is Good,” a program that trains professionals in creating safe, loving, joyful and engaging environments where kids can heal, learn and grow.

For questions or more information, please reach out to Cory Trevena at

Date & Time

Saturday, March 25th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Caron Philadelphia Outpatient Treatment Center
401 Plymouth Road
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Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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