Make a Year End Gift to Caron’s Mission Fund

Caron changed the trajectory of my life, and for that, I am forever grateful. Today, I no longer see myself as a victim of my circumstances. Instead, I know that I am a survivor, with the strength and perspective needed to navigate life in Recovery.

Sarah G., Grateful Caron Alumna

Right now, 25 million Americans are living in Recovery, but another 46 million continue to struggle with substance use disorder. You have the power to make a difference and invest in the lifesaving care Caron provides to individuals - like Sarah - and their families.

Make a gift to the Mission Fund today to directly address Caron's most pressing needs. From financial aid for patients in need, to groundbreaking research, to financial gaps in programming, your generosity will instill hope precisely where it’s needed most. Your gift will have a direct impact on Caron’s mission of Recovery for Life and ensure the programs and services Caron provides will be available for the next individual and family seeking Recovery.

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