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Spring 2023

Chapel 2022

Join us in sustaining Father Bill’s Legacy

Help individuals and their families continue care and take steps towards recovery for life.

“When I was in detox for the umpteenth time, I woke up and felt something squeezing my toe. I looked down and it was Father Bill. He said, ‘Get up out of this bed. God wants you here for something, because you should be dead.’ It was enough to change my life. Intensive encounters like this with Father Bill have touched the lives of so many people; without him, I and many others wouldn’t be here.

– Marguerite Schroeder

One of the most unique programs at Caron was started by Father Bill many years ago. Through the Father Bill Chapel Fund, Caron is able to provide a means of continuing care to those who can’t afford it. Father Bill cared deeply for every individual he met, and he helped thousands of people during his time at Caron.

Support from generous individuals like you is critical to Caron’s ability in providing the ongoing support and resources our patients and families need in order to achieve recovery for life. Your gift to the Father Bill Chapel Fund will help them take those next steps. We have been compelled by Father Bill’s love and kindness to continue his work and spread his message. We hope you will join us by supporting the Chapel Fund today.

Join us in sustaining Father Bill’s Legacy

If you have questions about your gift, please contact Susan Borelli, at

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