Continuing One’s Journey to Healing

When our patients leave our campus, the journey is not ending - it is only beginning.

Each of us has a story about how the pandemic affected us, and many of us have been challenged in a variety of ways. The pandemic has mirrored the day-to-day reality of those caught in addiction. Many have felt despair, pain, loss, fear, and isolation. However, this past year has also highlighted the hallmarks of addiction recovery: the power of community, the joy of serving and helping others, the need for being together, the creative ways we can support and encourage one another, the joy that a spark of hope brings, the gratitude that changes lives, and so much more.

These highlights remind us so much of Father Bill. Father Bill was always looking for ways to help others. It was his daily goal to connect with people in meaningful ways and to make them feel unconditionally loved and cared for. One of the ways Father Bill showed his unconditional love was through the Chapel Fund which now bears his name: a unique fund that affords departing Caron patients the opportunity to access continuing care.

When our patients leave our campus, the journey is not ending - it is only beginning. This can be overwhelming for both the patient and family. Extra support is often needed to get new alumni through early recovery challenges. The Father Bill Chapel Fund provides this kind of lifeline through safe options that fit a patient’s needs while also relieving families of the financial burden of additional care. Through the Chapel Fund, patients can begin the journey toward loving themselves and healing. We invite you to be part of this special act of service by making a gift to the Father Bill Chapel Fund today!

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Thank you for considering this special opportunity. Your gifts will have an immediate impact on those who need it most. With your support, we can continue bringing hope and healing to our patients and families.

If you have any questions about your gift, please contact the Development office at
1-800-678-2332, ext. 6193.

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