Caron’s 26th Annual Central Pennsylvania Community Awards Breakfast

Please Join Us Friday, September 27th, 2024 8:00 AM

This event honors those who, through their efforts, have unselfishly committed themselves to heighten awareness, promote prevention and deliver treatment as an alternative to the pain of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.


  • 7:45am - Registration & Networking
  • 8:00am-10:00am- Breakfast & Awards Ceremony

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Award Categories:

  • Addiction Advocate Award
    This award recognizes a community leader or organization whose key efforts and initiatives have succeeded in helping those seeking the path of recovery on a personal, professional or spiritual basis. This award recognizes an individual or organization with a proven track record of leadership with regards to identifying the negative consequences of substance use disorder via education, awareness, program delivery and/or counseling services.
  • Catherine Caron “Heart of the Family” Award
    Catherine Caron opened her home to those in need and has often been coined the heart of Caron. She accumulated a wealth of first-hand knowledge of how addiction can affect a family. She took the helm at Caron, fulfilling Dick’s vision after his passing, and is credited as the founder of Caron’s Family Education Program. The Catherine Caron “Heart of the Family” Award recognizes these special caregivers for the dignity, respect and support they provide at a time when those struggling with substance use disorder need it the most.
  • Jasper G. Chen See, MD Healthcare Professional Award
    This award is named after the late Dr. Jasper G. Chen See, a Berks County physician who unselfishly dedicated himself to helping those suffering from the disease of addiction. This award recognizes an outstanding healthcare professional who exemplifies the same spirit of caring and commitment as that of Dr. Chen See.
  • Sid Kline, Jr. Legal Professional Award
    This award is named after a local leader in the legal field and a tireless philanthropic supporter, Mr. Sid Kline, Jr. Sid may be best known for helping to grow the Reading-based law firm, Stevens & Lee, from a 10-lawyer operation to a 175-lawyer firm with offices in five states. Not only did he serve as attorney for Dick Caron and Chit Chat Farms, he shared the same caring and compassionate nature of the Caron family through his involvement in numerous community organizations. This award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job in either the legal profession or law enforcement field in combating the fight against substance use disorder through due process of the law, prevention or education.
  • Sister M. Pacelli Staskiel Educational Excellence Award
    This award is named after the late Sister M. Pacelli Staskiel, an educator who touched the lives of generations of students and inspired community members throughout the region during her 50+ years at Alvernia University. In the public and private sectors, educators play a significant role in helping young people understand the real consequences of addiction to drugs and alcohol; and in turn, help recognize, confront and refer struggling students and play a key role in their ongoing recovery. He/she can have a profound impact upon self-esteem, self-concept and personal motivation. In the same token, educational institutions play an extremely important role in assisting students who may have a problem with a substances by guiding them into appropriate treatment. This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has demonstrated exceptional wisdom and leadership, like that of Sister Staskiel, or an institution that has proactively supported and embraced programs that educate students, families and communities to understand the negative consequences of alcohol and/or drug use through awareness.
  • Father Bill Spirituality Award
    This award is named after Father Bill, Caron’s spiritual leader for decades. Father Bill used to say, “Addiction is not a moral failure. We encourage healing instead of repentance”. This is the direction he tried to take with all patients, religious or not. This award recognizes and individual or organization dedicated to religious or spiritual life, such as clergy, lay ministers, mentors, etc., whose efforts have helped fight substance use disorder through prevention, education, and intervention.
  • Role Model in Recovery Award
    This award recognizes a Role Model in Recovery, someone who has stood at the front lines in the battle against addition by helping themselves and others fight the often-perilous crusade that is the road to recovery. They stand out from the shadows in hopes of helping others by leading by example. They are often seen as ‘walking the walk’ and not just ‘talking the talk’. They are a go-to person in their community, sharing their time and energy to help others find what was so freely given to them.

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Nominations due by 7/18/24.

For more information, please contact Matt Ochs at 484-345-2649, or Tom McDermitt at 484-955-4381

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