Types of Treatment

Choosing a rehab center

Choosing a Rehab Center

Choosing a drug or alcohol rehab center is an incredibly important decision that involves a variety of factors.

Before choosing a treatment center, individuals and families should ask the following questions:

  • Does this treatment center treat addiction as a chronic disease and, as such, strive for continuity of care?
  • Does the center provide on-site assessment?
  • Will the facility develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the addict: one that will be constantly monitored, updated and modified as treatment progresses?
  • Is the facility safe?
  • Is the facility private?
  • How experienced and credentialed are members of the treatment team?
  • Is the facility location ideal for the addict?
  • What will treatment cost? Is the cost covered by my insurance or non-reimbursed medical plan? Are financial aid, financing, or scholarships available?
  • Is the program geared toward the addict’s age, gender and addiction severity?
  • Is the center able to provide comprehensive treatment that addresses all aspects of addiction (not just the destructive behaviors associated with it)?
  • Does the center have affiliations with hospitals and research groups that keep it on the cutting edge of addiction treatment?
  • What treatment approaches does this program use regarding detoxification; abstinence; individual, family and group therapy; use of pharmacotherapies; cognitive-behavioral therapy; endorsement or inclusion of 12-step programs or other mutual-help groups; relapse education and prevention; and a long-term recovery?
  • Is the facility equipped to assess and treat comorbidities, such as mental health disorders?
  • Does the center have programs in place to treat the addict’s family?
  • Is the family involved in decision-making, the treatment process and the recovery phase?
  • What type of ongoing treatment does the facility provide?
  • Does the program provide outpatient, inpatient, residential and short-stay options?
  • Have you checked your state’s licensure website such as the Department of Health regarding whether a treatment facility that you may be interested in has any major citations?
  • Is the treatment center accredited by an independent behavioral health body demonstrating the provider’s commitment to continuously improve service quality and to focus on best practices in the programs you require?
  • For help finding a program that suits your needs, please contact Caron.

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