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Gaming Addiction

Who develops gaming addictions?

Individuals who feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood are particularly drawn to the imaginary world of online games and therefore particularly susceptible to online gaming addiction. Online games function as substitutions for real-life interpersonal relationships. They also provide individuals with the opportunity to reinvent themselves (in the form of an avatar or character) in a way that compensates for perceived personal deficiencies. Often, individuals who are addicted to online gaming suffer from mental illnesses or substance abuse problems. Gaming addiction may also lead to the development of co-occurring conditions.

Indicators of gaming addiction.

Signs of an online gaming addiction include an inability to cease play, cravings for more gaming, feelings of emptiness, depression, irritability when not gaming, withdrawing from friends and family, interference with work or school, dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome and sleep disturbances.

Treating online gaming addiction.

Treatment for online gaming addictions varies, but most plans attempt to treat underlying causes of addiction, such as depression, loneliness, or feelings of social inadequacy. If substance or alcohol abuse is concurrent with gaming addiction, it must be addressed before gaming addiction can be treated.

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