Older Adults

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reports that 2.5 million older adults have an alcohol or drug problem.

Being aware of unusual behavior in your loved one struggling with addiction, such as neglecting responsibilities, isolating themselves, and being verbally or physically abusive is a critical first step in diagnosing a substance use disorder and getting treatment. There is hope.

Caron Treatment Centers is a nationally recognized addiction treatment provider for adults aged 55 and older. Older adults seeking treatment at Caron can expect to be welcomed into an age-appropriate, supportive environment that promotes healing and recovery. At Caron, we recognize that the challenges associated with aging are unique, and our evidence-based treatment methods are tailored to meet the needs of older adults. Caron’s comprehensive programs for older adults feature evidence-based therapies that support their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. We also provide education on how to make healthier lifestyle choices once they complete treatment. Our approach focuses on helping older adults develop healthy coping strategies, build self-esteem, and develop the life skills necessary to lead a healthy and productive recovery.

The best way to prevent addiction or relapse in older adults is to ensure they have the support needed to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle. This includes providing emotional and physical support, access to resources, and helping them stay connected with their communities. It’s also important to talk openly about substance use, discuss mental health issues, encourage healthy activities, and provide educational resources. Additionally, if you suspect your loved one may have a substance use disorder, it’s important to seek professional help immediately. At Caron Treatment Centers, we are here to help.

Many factors can contribute to addiction in older adults, including physical and mental health conditions, social isolation, trauma, grief, loss of loved ones or hobbies, chronic pain, and longtime substance use. Additionally, medical professionals may be unaware of the signs of addiction in their older adult patients. They may mistakenly attribute changes in behavior to age or other medical conditions. At Caron Treatment Centers, we understand the unique challenges faced by older adults seeking addiction treatment. Our comprehensive programs are designed to help older adults develop healthier coping strategies and build self-esteem while providing education on how to make healthier lifestyle choices after treatment.

Detoxing from addiction is difficult and often dangerous and should only be done in a medically supervised setting with professionals. At Caron Treatment Centers, we understand the unique challenges associated with detoxing for older adults and provide safe, evidence-based treatment tailored to their needs. We provide 24/7 medical oversight during detox and comprehensive therapy and support to help older adults navigate the detox process.

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