Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What causes alcohol addiction?

What causes alcohol addiction?

Alcoholism is caused by a combination of biological, genetic, psychological, environmental and social factors, including:

  • Frequency of use,
  • Age at which alcohol was first consumed,
  • Demographics such as age, gender, and genetic background,
  • Family history of alcoholism (a person is much more likely to become an alcoholic if a parent was an alcoholic),
  • Prenatal exposure to alcohol,
  • Overall health,

Is Alcoholism a disease?

Alcoholism, like other drug addictions, is medically defined as a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease. Those suffering from alcoholism experience an incessant craving for, increased tolerance of and physical dependence on alcohol. They continue to abuse alcohol despite the many negative consequences their destructive habits have on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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