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Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson

Executive Director of Caron Renaissance
Caron Renaissance in FL

Ryan Hanson is the Director of Family Services at Caron Renaissance. In his current position he oversees the family department programming and is involved clinically with the patient and their family. He is responsible for the Family Alumni Buddy System and The Caron Renaissance Family Support Groups. Prior to becoming Director Ryan was a Family Therapist with the organization. 

Ryan has worked in multiple levels of care in the past 15 years, including teen mental health, teen residential chemical dependency, adult chemical dependency and mental health, adult IOP mental health, adult IOP chemical dependency, case management, private practice, halfway house and vocational, and adult hospital psychiatric settings. His depth of experience lends itself to Renaissance’s stages of care as the adult men and women move from their dependent position to a more interdependent role. 

Some specialty populations Ryan has extensive experience with include teens, the LGBT community, and helping convicts reintegrate back into the community. Specialty areas Ryan has experience in are sexual health, eating disorders, and nicotine cessation. Ryan holds a Masters degree in counseling, and incorporates DBT and REBT principles into practical application for family members and patients. 

Ryan challenges families to achieve recovery and learn how to detach from their ‘qualifier’ and meet their own needs. In prior settings, Ryan developed family involvement and family specific recovery programs. If you’re working with Ryan you’ll recognize his passion and belief that “the family is the patient” and deserves a chance to heal! 

Ryan received his Masters degree from Hazelden Graduate School.