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Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson

Executive Director of Caron Renaissance
Caron Renaissance in FL

As the executive director at Caron Renaissance, Ryan Hanson ensures that its programs stay true to the Caron Renaissance clinical philosophy and approach to treatment. “In order to do this job effectively, a genuine love, commitment, and passion for what we do and how we do it is required,” he says. Ryan supervises leadership staff, oversees daily operations, provides clinical oversight and works with patients, families, and referents to strengthen collaborative relationships. He is also a presenter at various symposiums around the country on a wide range of topics, including LGBTQ adolescent treatment needs, treatment of dual diagnosis clients, the need for family involvement in treatment as well as the clinical necessity of involving referents during treatment. Ryan has worked with multiple populations and levels of care, including teen mental health, teen residential chemical dependency, adult chemical dependency and mental health, adult intensive outpatient mental health care, adult intensive outpatient chemical dependency treatment, case management, private practice, halfway house and vocational, and adult hospital psychiatric settings.

Before taking on the job as executive director in 2018, Ryan was the director of family services, overseeing programming for the Family Department and providing clinical care for patients and their families. Ryan believes that in order to achieve family recovery, the clinical team at Caron Renaissance must support each family member with learning how to “detach with love” from the chaos and trauma that tends to terrorize the family of an addicted loved one. When families are able to do their own “family of origin” and trauma work and embark on a road to recovery parallel to the patients, they are able to meet their own needs and begin the healing process. In prior settings, Ryan developed family involvement and family-specific recovery programs. When you work with Ryan, you immediately recognize his passionate belief in the Caron Renaissance axiom that the “patient is the family and the family is the patient.” Both deserve the chance to heal.

Ryan came to Caron Renaissance in 2010 and has worked as a case specialist in the Admissions Department, primary therapist, and family therapist, providing him with interdisciplinary experience with each department at the organization throughout the years. He credits that experience for his understanding of how the organization’s parts make a coherent and effective whole that can meet the unique needs of Caron Renaissance patients and families. “The organizational structure we have at Caron Renaissance is as unique as our clinical philosophy and effectively supports our ability to provide treatment based on that approach.”

What he likes best about his job: “Healthy, happy human beings. As we stay true to the roots of our guiding clinical philosophy, we are able to incorporate new evidence-based treatments and clinical programming that enable our patients to have successful adult relationships. I have seen over and over how our common-sense approach provides a road map for those patients to health and happiness.”