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Vocational Services

Our goal at Caron is to help every patient achieve a productive and satisfying life. The Therapeutic Vocational Program is designed to reintegrate patients into the workforce when clinically appropriate.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Please note that this program is only offered at Caron Renaissance in Florida.

About the Program

The Therapeutic Vocational Program at Caron Renaissance helps people return to the workforce or enter it for the first time. Clinically driven employment opportunities are evaluated and assessed by the treatment team, with finding a job that is clinically appropriate being top priority.

The Therapeutic Vocational Program includes:

  • an evaluation of a patient’s professional strengths and weaknesses
  • enhancement of job-seeking skills through resume and cover letter guidance, interview training, and skills to utilize following an interview or initial contact
  • opportunities to identify and overcome issues that have previously hindered a patient from becoming fully productive in the job market

How the Program is Structured

The Therapeutic Vocational Program is tailored for each individual. Patients must interview to enter the program, just like a job interview, demonstrating willingness and commitment to recovery as well as the job-seeking process. Once a patient has been accepted into the program, they’ll participate in several groups:

  • Our Clinical Vocational Process Group, offered each weekday, addresses past and present patterns of behaviors which interfere with employment; underlying attitudes and beliefs; stressors of the job search and coping skills, with a special emphasis on relapse prevention and recovery tools
  • Our Vocational Skills Group, which covers job search skills as well as discussions about the appropriate employment for each person with consideration of unique needs and life circumstances
  • Our Vocational Check-in Group, offered each weekday, allows patients to process the daily vocational activities and support each other

In addition, our Vocational Clinicians work with each person individually, as needed, to provide direction and support. Peer groups are also assigned for additional support and accountability.

Individualized Recommendations and Support

Patients transitioning into the Therapeutic Vocational Program have a wide range of employment experience and goals. Whether advancing a career path, changing careers, looking to return to a specific job, or coordinating employment with college classes, at this stage of the treatment continuum, the Vocational Clinicians’ primary goal is to support the best employment choices for each patient, while keeping recovery as a priority. Working with the entire treatment team, individualized goals and plans are put in place and supported. Our guidance and expertise can help, whatever your situation

Job Seeking and Technology

To assist job-seekers in this digital world, our Vocational Clinicians stay up-to-date on current technology, and patients have access to and assistance with:

  • Skype and other video chat services for distance interviewing, by tablet or desktop computer
  • social networking, such as LinkedIn
  • access to technology throughout the day and evening, as appropriate

Vocational Program Results

We’ve found that the majority people who take part in our Therapeutic Vocational Program are able to find appropriate employment within a few weeks, if not sooner. This integration into the working world, while still receiving needed support in clinical groups, helps with what can be a difficult transition in early recovery.

Through the process of obtaining employment, patients who complete the Therapeutic Vocational Program leave with a sense of accomplishment, able to experience their strengths and competencies while navigating life on life’s terms without a return to chemical use. Whether the job obtained during treatment becomes a long-term position or simply provides a stepping stone into a sober lifestyle, the skills and aptitudes gained are integral to a successful recovery process and are fundamental to fulfilling Caron Renaissance’s mission.

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Vicki Stanbury
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