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Spiritual Counseling

Helping you or your loved one develop or strengthen a sense of connectedness.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

How Spiritual Counseling Helps

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or is suffering from other forms of illness often has lost a sense of spiritual or religious connection, and may be grieving its loss without understanding how or why. Our individual and group spiritual counseling, tailored to each person’s treatment plan, focuses on renewing that connection and creating a link between spirituality and healing.

Bill of Expectations

There are a few things important to know about Caron’s spiritual counseling and advising:

  • You, or your loved one, will be honored and supported in whatever your beliefs are. If you don’t know what they are, you will work on developing them in your own way, at your own pace.
  • Caron is place to explore and discover, spiritually. We are happy to give you help if you ask for it and guidance if you seek it.
  • You will always be met with love.
  • We believe that, as individuals, our past doesn’t define us, but it does prepare us; our mistakes don’t tell us who we are, but rather who we aren’t.
  • Who you really are is bigger than any fear, shame, or guilt. There’s hope in spirituality.

As much as it’s important to know what spiritual counseling at Caron is, it’s also important to know what it is not. These are some of the things you will never experience here:

  • basic religious or faith education
  • any attempt to convert anyone to a way of thinking
  • discrimination or exclusivity
  • mandatory religious or spiritual activities

Our Spiritual Advisors

At Caron, we embrace an all-encompassing spiritual view, in which no set of beliefs is held in higher regard than another. We encourage you, or your loved one in treatment, to explore your own spirituality with the help of our counselors and determine a path that makes sense to you.

Our staff includes trained spiritual counselors, chaplains, priests, rabbis, and others, including multi-faith experts: all expert at cultivating spiritual growth, and all unified under the mission of developing a path to recovery. They serve as counselors and confidants to people who may be facing a spiritual crisis or are simply confused about the state of their spirituality; their task is to help remove obstacles in the way of that path to spiritual recovery. Our spiritual advisors work with people who have no or little religious experience, as well as those with extensive backgrounds in religion or spirituality.

Spiritual Assessments

Our spirituality assessment is designed to help you, or your loved one, examine the role that spirituality plays in your life. In completing it, you’ll describe your faith and spiritual background, and answer questions about people, things, and experiences that have been meaningful to you. We’ll go into significant life events that could affect your connectedness, as well as your traditions and beliefs. The assessment also allows you to express your views on various spiritual issues and to tell us how you view the relationship between spirituality and recovery.

Each spirituality assessment is reviewed by a member of the Spiritual Services staff, as well as by the person’s primary therapist. Sometimes, it makes sense for a person to get more intensive spiritual guidance by meeting individually with a spiritual counselor; sometimes, group counseling is right; sometimes, both.

Individual Spiritual Counseling

It may be that meeting one-on-one with a spiritual counselor is best for you to address specific blocks in your life around spirituality, such as belief system, grief, hopelessness, and others. Some people may need individual spiritual counseling, instead of or in addition to group counseling, because they feel they have worn out their welcome with their Higher Power. It is our goal to help mend those relationships.

Group Spiritual Counseling

The purpose of group counseling is to provide a non-judgmental environment for people to discuss, explore, and share their spiritual beliefs. Groups foster a deeper understanding of spirituality by allowing people to converse openly with sanctioned religious leaders from a variety of faith backgrounds, not just their own. In group spirituality sessions, a counselor leads the group through discussions about spirituality based on 12-Step program fundamentals.

The spiritual care team offers weekly grief groups for those dealing with grief issues that impact their addiction or grief issues caused by the loss of dreams because of their addiction. There are many other specialty treatment groups available, as well.