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Collegiate Recovery Services
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Receiving treatment for a substance use disorder and mental health issues should not derail a patient’s opportunity to further their education or career.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

At Caron, we are committed to providing a continuum of care that includes addressing the educational and academic goals of each individual we treat. Our collegiate recovery services provide opportunities for patients to begin or continue in a college program during treatment and recovery.

About Collegiate Recovery Services

Education is an important piece of the puzzle for the many young adults we treat at Caron. In our work to prepare you, or your loved one, for a life of recovery, we recognize the significance of starting, re-starting, or maintaining a strong connection with your education. The collegiate recovery services provide the expertise and resources needed for students to be accepted to and graduate from high school, community college, public and private universities, vocational schools, and graduate schools.

The services we provide include:

  • Arranging for medical leave for college students entering treatment
  • Helping students gain acceptance into a college or technical school
  • Helping students complete a degree started before entering treatment
  • Transferring credits for courses taken while in treatment to their home college or university
  • Working with students to develop an educational plan, tailored by goal and grade level
  • Guiding students in developing a budget for the school year
  • Identifying potential scholarships to offset academic costs
  • Collaborating with the clinical team to identify the best fit programs based on each patient’s educational needs, career goals, and unique interests--all of which complement their recovery and integrate a sober foundation.
  • Providing a “step down” approach to the transition between treatment and college life with gradual steps away from treatment and toward interdependence

These services can be arranged as part of aftercare, consistent with Caron’s commitment to “Recovery for Life.”

Clinically Driven Program Involvement: Because our top priority is sustainable recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as well as the co-occurring issues, we make sure that patients participate in the collegiate recovery services when it’s right for them. Each person’s treatment team and primary counselor will collaborate to make a determination about when this is appropriate.

Therapeutic Alliances : Staff of the collegiate services program have developed strong partnerships and therapeutic alliances with colleges, universities, and vocational schools around the country. We work directly with administrators and admissions staff on both ends:

  • Direct communication and interaction when a student is leaving the educational environment to enter treatment, including ongoing communication with the institution while the student is in treatment.
  • Academic planning and collaboration when a student is ready to return to an educational institution after treatment, including assistance with admissions

Academic Advisors : Our expert academic advisors serve as educational advocates and help students to clarify, define, and reach their academic goals. The program is administered by staff holding MBAs from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School who offer recovery oriented college admission and education guidance and support.

The Sober Dorm Program

Sometimes, it can be difficult or unwise for a person who has just finished treatment to shift immediately back into “real world” environments, especially a setting such as on-campus college living. Caron Renaissance offers a sober dorm program which provides transitional living to support students who are attending college and desire the structure and support of off-campus recovery housing.

The program helps foster a safe collegiate recovery environment of like-minded individuals working together on a daily basis to practice the principles of recovery and abstain from using drugs and alcohol.

An academic liaison is available and serves as an advocate to help students clarify, define and reach their academic goals and will work with the student and the school to achieve everyone’s needs.

Clinical Services are provided and include:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the program counselors
  • Family calls with the program counselors
  • Weekly sober dorm meeting
  • On-Site Resident Advisor
  • Clinical services and oversight
College and University Collaborations

We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous educational institutions to support student recovery such as:

Adelphi University (New York)

Arcadia University (Pennsylvania)

Beloit College (Wisconsin)

Binghamton University (New York)

Brandeis University (Massachusetts)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania)

Columbia University (New York)

Columbia University School of General Studies (New York)

Colgate University (New York)

Drexel University (Pennsylvania)

Florida Atlantic University (Florida)

Fordham (New York)

Franklin & Marshall College (Pennsylvania)

George Mason University (Virginia)

Lafayette College (Pennsylvania)

LaSalle University (Pennsylvania)

Lynn University (Florida)

Miami of Ohio (Ohio)

Manhattanville College (New York)

Marymount Manhattan College (New York)

Muhlenberg College (Pennsylvania)

Nassau College (State University of New York)

New York University (New York)

Northwood University (Michigan)

Nova Southeastern University (Florida)

The Ohio State University (Ohio)

Pace University (New York)

Palm Beach State College (Florida)

Penn State University (Pennsylvania)

Roger Williams Law School (Rhode Island)

Rutgers University at New Brunswick (New Jersey)

Saint Joseph’s University (Pennsylvania)

Sarah Lawrence College (New York)

Southern Methodist University (Texas)

The College of New Jersey (New Jersey)

Tulane University (Louisiana)

University of Miami (Florida)

University of Texas Austin (Texas)

Vanderbilt University (Tennessee)


"Working together with Jonathan and the collegiate recovery services at Caron we were able to establish a therapeutic alliance with the clinical team at Caron Renaissance and support my student’s transition to treatment and then eventually his return to campus. Communication is really the key. I had the opportunity to communicate, when it was clinically appropriate, with my student and Jonathan while the student progressed along the Caron Renaissance continuum. As the months passed, I heard how he was improving. It has been a great experience working with Jonathan and the team at Caron Renaissance."

Lani Bacharach, MSW, LCSW
Department of Social Work
Field Liaison, Adjunct Faculty
George Mason University

"I believe the collegiate recovery services at Caron Renaissance is a great idea and helps these students transition back into their college career." 

"The work Jonathan has been doing is remarkable and the amount of effort and time he spends getting to know different universities and how they each may or may not be a fit for his students just shows how committed he is to the success of this program and his students. With Jonathan’s help it makes the transition back into college smooth and successful when the student is ready. I feel these types of programs are lacking out there as I have not heard of anything like this before Jonathan told me. Programs like these help students to transition back to college smoothly and successfully when they are ready. Students entering back into college without programs like this to assist and prepare them may find it more difficult to enter back and ultimately succeed."

Justin Duval
Florida Atlantic University
Former Assistant Director of Admissions

"Jonathan helped me turn my vague ideas about college into practical, workable steps. He helped me keep track of deadline, fill out paperwork, and figure out an appropriate schedule. He coached me through phone calls to the deans and helped me script recommendation requests to old professors. And he also helped me work through my pessimism about my collegiate prospects, showing me how I could present myself honestly and without shame, and how my story could be one of strength instead of omission. The collegiate recovery services turned my ill-defined ambitions and shadowy ideas into specific goals, and then into tangible assignments, and then into a physical reality – to a place, to one college, where I believe I will be able to flourish. I know I could not have made this journey alone."

Sally – 1st collegiate services participant

"Jonathan helped me develop a plan for 'relapse prevention.' We set out expectations- for how many 12-step meetings I would go to, for meeting with a therapist, for seeing a psychiatrist, for getting a sponsor, for getting involved in the collegiate recovery community, for staying in touch with him and other parts of Renaissance's treatment team, for signing waivers to enable full communication between them and the alcohol and drug counselors and my school, etc. Basically, we made a road map of very specific, clearly defined steps I would take in order to safeguard my recovery and maximize my chances for success upon moving across the country to return to school. It has made a huge difference in my life. I am integrated in, and supported by, a network that Jonathan helped me to discover. It has helped me to maintain my recovery in college, and to flourish here- in grades, athletics, extra-curricular research, employment, romantic relationships, and all of the other things I felt my life before recovery so desperately lacked- happiness and purpose, most of all."

Michael – collegiate services participant

Collegiate Recovery Services Staff

Jonathan Salzburg

Jonathan Saltzburg

Executive Director of Collegiate Recovery Services
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Evan Emery

Evan Emery

College Recovery Coordinator at Caron Renaissance
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Cory Halpern

Cory Halpern

Director of Support Services
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