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Dysfunctional Relationships

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Healing relationships is essential for healing addiction.

Addiction is closely tied, and often caused or exacerbated by, one’s relationships. Relationships are not only affected by addiction, they have the power to perpetuate it. For this reason, identifying and addressing relational dysfunction is an essential component of effective addiction treatment.

Relationship problems manifest in a variety of ways. Commonly, addicts either struggle to engage in relational intimacy, or they struggle to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries.


Healthy, intimate relationships are often difficult for people suffering from addiction, because their disease steals attention and affection away from everyone and everything else in their lives. Other people simply are unable to allow themselves to be emotionally vulnerable to another person, thus preventing real intimacy and damaging relationships. Trust issues, trauma or other conditions may also prevent addicts from forming intimate relationships with others.

Overcoming intimacy issues.

At Caron, we offer group therapy that encourages emotional vulnerability and provides a model for healthy intimate relationships. Patients learn to share personal information about and respectfully respond to information that others share. Group therapy also addresses trust, trauma and other issues that have prevented patients from enjoying close relationships with the past.


Establishing boundaries is an essential part of forming and maintaining healthy relationships, but it can be difficult for both men and women. Especially for those struggling with addiction, lack of boundaries can cause problems at home, in the workplace and in various social situations.

As patients recover from addiction, Caron helps them learn to understand and implement internal and external boundaries. Therapeutic programs help patients control impulses that may cause them to violate those boundaries, all while encouraging them to respect themselves and others, maintain healthy mindsets and practice healthy behaviors.

Codependency and enabling

Codependency and enabling are two maladaptive behavioral styles that are commonly linked to relationship dysfunction in the context of addiction.

Getting holistic help.

Caron’s unique treatment philosophy addresses the whole person. Learn more about our proven success in treating addiction.