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Relationships & Addiction

Relationships and addiction are closely linked and must be addressed simultaneously for lasting recovery.

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Addiction cannot be separated from relationships.

Relationships and addiction have the potential to profoundly impact one another. Sometimes, relationship dysfunction, family dynamics and maladaptive behavioral styles cause or perpetuate addiction. Other times, addiction causes or perpetuates relationship problems. Either way, the two are closely linked and must be treated simultaneously in order to achieve lasting, far-reaching recovery.

Impact of addiction on relationships.

When cycles of addiction spin out of control, relationships suffer in countless ways. Channels of communication break down, causing loved ones to deploy defense mechanisms such as suppressing feelings, rationalizing, intellectualizing, withdrawing, acting-out, self-medicating and over-controlling. Some people avoid conflict, while others completely lose sight of boundaries and become deeply entrenched in cycles of addiction.

Regardless of which coping mechanisms they entail, relationships characterized by addiction may eventually lead to serious problems both in the present and future. Children from families of addicts, for example, often find themselves neglected, vying for attention or prematurely forced into the role of parent. They enter adulthood with huge emotional burdens and are likely to run their own families based on the dysfunction they experienced in childhood.

For these reasons and many more, recovery from addiction can and should be a family affair.

Addressing relationship issues in the context of addiction.

Addicts cannot be expected to recover from addiction on their own, and neither should their loved ones. To get connected with treatment for your family, please contact Caron.