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Meth Stats

Methamphetamine abuse is a serious and rising problem in the United States.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Methamphetamine abuse is a very serious problem in the United States, and its abuse continues to spread throughout the country.  The National Institute on Drug abuse outlines the following statistic regarding methamphetamine abuse in the US:[1]

  • The abuse of methamphetamine was initially limited to Hawaii and western parts of the country, but it continues to spread eastward, with rural and urban areas everywhere increasingly affected. According to one national survey, approximately 10 million people in the United States have tried methamphetamine at least once.
  • First time users are approximately 21 years old, making young adults young adults far more likely to use methamphetamine than teens or any other age group.
  • Emergency departments reports speak to the growing impact of methamphetamine abuse in the country. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), which collects information on drug-related episodes from hospital emergency departments (EDs) throughout the United States, has reported a greater than 50 percent increase in the number of ED visits related to methamphetamine abuse between 1995 and 2002, reaching approximately 73,000 ED visits, or 4 percent of all drug-related visits in 2004.
  • Treatment admissions for methamphetamine abuse have also increased substantially. In 1992, there were approximately 21,000 treatment admissions in which methamphetamine/amphetamine was identified as the primary drug of abuse.  By 2004, the number of methamphetamine treatment admissions increased to greater than 150,000, representing 8 percent of all admissions.
  • According to the 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 10.4 million people age 12 or older (4.3 percent of the population) have tried methamphetamine at some time in their lives. Approximately 1.3 million reported past-year methamphetamine use, and 512,000 reported current (past-month) use. Moreover, the 2005 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey reported 4.5 percent of high school seniors had used methamphetamine within their lifetimes.