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Alcohol Awareness Month

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Alcohol Awareness Month, which is held every April, was founded and has been sponsored by the NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence).  The group founded Alcohol Awareness Month in 1987 in recognition of alcohol’s devastating, chronic effects on teens, adults, and families.  Each April, the group works to education the American pubic about alcohol and alcoholism, defining alcoholism as a treatable family disease that can be fatal if left untreated and highlighting the fact that millions of Americans live in long-term recovery from alcoholism.

An essential part of Alcohol Awareness Month is the Alcohol-Free Weekend, which takes place on the first weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of each April.  During this weekend, the NCADD invites all Americans to abstain from drinking alcohol.  Those who have trouble getting through this weekend without drinking are urged to get help.[1]

Alcohol Awareness month is also promoted by schools and other public organizations as a chance to spread the word about the devastating affects alcohol abuse has on families and youth and to encourage those in their communities to get help.