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Semester of Support for Vocational and Educational Support

This specialized program alleviates the isolation and uncertainty created by the pandemic and strengthens coping and social skills, responsibility, and independence.

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At a Glance

  • Expert, empathetic staff

    provides support for emotional and mental health, including needs related to addiction recovery/treatment.

  • Online classes enable students

    to keep up with academics.

  • Internship/job placements

    and volunteer opportunities build core career and professional skills.

  • Trained, experienced coaches

    guide and support participants to set academic or vocational and personal goals.


Highlights of the Semester of Support Program

Students have a safe space in which to focus on their emotional and mental health while setting academic and professional goals. A team of dedicated academic advisors/coaches guide and support participants as they focus on academics and explore future vocational and professional choices. Our expert clinicians attend to their emotional and mental health and substance use issues through group work, individual counseling, and additional therapies as needed.

Caron Florida accepts young people into the Semester of Support Program at any point. There is no need to wait until the beginning or end of a semester.

With more than 60 years of clinical excellence, Caron Treatment Centers has built a solid foundation of expertise and experience in treating young people for a range of mental health issues as well as substance use issues. At the same time, we provide them with academic and professional guidance and support them in setting goals and taking steps to achieve those goals.

Program Components


  • Career assessment: The results of this assessment provide insight into students’ work styles and potential career/workplace choices.
  • Online classes.
  • Optional academic tutoring.
  • Mentor connection: Students benefit from informal conversations with a trusted adult who has faced and overcome challenges in their life. The mentor offers support and honest, open advice, and guidance.
  • Vocational/academic coaching/guidance: Caron’s trained, experienced coaches guide students in their academic and vocational exploration while providing resources, direction, motivation, and understanding.
  • Remote volunteer opportunities: Students choose from several possible volunteer service roles, all done remotely to avoid exposure to COVID-19.
  • Internship/job placement: These positions will also be done remotely or on the Caron campus to provide students with the opportunity to experience professional responsibility and hone their skills and aptitudes.
  • Resume building: At the end of the program, students will leave with a completed professional resume that includes their program internships, jobs, and volunteer service.

Mental/Emotional Health

  • Therapeutic group work and individual counseling: Treatment for mental and emotional health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD, is a supportive component of the program.
  • Optional mental/emotional health services: Integrative neurofeedback therapy, neuropsychological testing, and other mental health evaluations and services meet participants' specific needs.


  • On-campus recreational activities.
  • Fitness center access: Private time is available to students at a nearby gym with a small group of other Caron patients who have been tested for COVID-19. Like Caron, the gym adheres to a strict COVID-19 policy to ensure a safe environment.

Program Levels

The Semester of Support Program is tailored to meet students’ mental health needs, attend to their substance use issues, provide academic/vocational experiences and guidance, and expand their future potential. To ensure their needs are met, the program has two levels:

  • Clinical Intensive: Students in the clinical intensive option take part in daily group and individual counseling as well as monthly psychiatric meetings.
  • Enrichment: Students at this level benefit from therapeutic group work and individual counseling at a less intensive level, enabling them to spend more time on other program components, such as classwork and volunteer and internship opportunities.

Case specialists will work with family members to determine which level is most appropriate for their young person. For those young people that have not completed high school or their GED, this program can also provide them the support and guidance to pursue their goals.

Our Team of Experts

Caron staff has a wealth of experience in the education and mental health treatment fields, giving them the expertise and knowledge to guide and support young people and their parents. Staff will also work with referring therapists and/or educational consultants to help young people explore and navigate education and career options while in a supportive environment.

The program’s therapists are all master’s-level clinicians and have specific experience working with young and emerging adults.

The program's leader has extensive experience in education and a successful record of motivating young people to set and meet goals.


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