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Become a 12-Step Recovery Contact

Connecting newly discharged patients to ongoing support.

One of the most crucial services that Caron provides is connecting newly discharged patients to a 12-Step Recovery Contact when they return home. Being a 12-Step Recovery Contact is an important commitment; it helps bridge the gap between treatment and the 12-Step community and is often integral to the success of a new graduate’s ongoing, long-term recovery.

12-Step Recovery Contact Guidelines: I hereby give Caron Treatment Centers permission to use the information I have provided on this form to contact me to serve as a 12-Step recovery contact for Caron patients returning to my area. I understand that as a 12-Step recovery contact my role is to assist newly discharged patients with their transitional process by introducing them to the local 12-Step community after completing treatment.

Please note: Current Caron staff and their family members are not eligible to a 12-Step Contact.

By checking the below box, I am authorizing Caron to give my first name, last initial and phone number to Caron patients being discharged to my home area. I understand that I may be called or emailed by someone looking for a connection to the 12-Step community. Caron will protect your anonymity where possible. However, by signing up to be a contact you are identifying yourself as a 12-Step member.

In addition, I release Caron of any liability issues that may result from my interaction with these individuals.I have read, understand and agree to follow the 12-Step Recovery Contact Guidelines.

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