Student Success Programming

High School Success Program

at the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center

Critical Academic and Treatment Services

  • Experienced Student Success coaches guide and support students in setting and meeting academic and recovery goals.

  • On-site classroom at Caron Pennsylvania allows patients to continue their schoolwork while in treatment

  • Transitional group housing ensures structure, community, and professional guidance and oversight.

  • Continued outpatient treatment for teens and families builds a foundation for healthy lives in recovery.

Highlights of the High School Success Program

At Caron’s Outpatient Treatment Center in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a specialized program bridges the gap between clinical inpatient treatment at Caron and life in recovery, helping adolescents navigate a path to meeting academic and recovery goals. Teens who participate in the High School Success Program live in a structured recovery house, with oversight and supervision, while engaging in academic and recovery-informed programs and treatment at the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center. Through these supportive activities, they build a foundation for their academic pursuits and their life in recovery.

How the Program Works

Teens live in the recovery house and attend classes while participating in clinically indicated outpatient treatment (billable to most insurance plans) and working with Student Success coaches. This dual-track approach ensures their readiness to take on lives in recovery equipped to meet their personal, educational, and career goals and gives them added support from their peers. All programming is in collaboration with the student’s clinical team, family, and education provider.

The Caron Outpatient Treatment Center in Wyomissing provides individual counseling, group therapy, and other therapies as needed so that program participants can continue treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. Family members also benefit from treatment at the outpatient center through multi-family groups and counseling that helps each family member and the family as a whole to create healthy lives and relationships in recovery.

Caron’s Student Success coaches are the core of the Student Success program. Each teen is assigned a Student Success coach who meets with them weekly to build the skills, such as time management and recovery-informed academic support, among others, and responsibilities needed to meet their goals. The coach monitors their grades and attendance, sets expectations for accountability, and supports them in their progress toward achieving their responsibilities and goals.

Coaches will also work with teens as needed to evaluate whether reasonable accommodations and/or retroactive withdrawals/medical leaves are a good option.

On-site Classroom at Caron Pennsylvania

Through Caron’s partnership with an educational provider and in alliance with students’ home schools, teens are able to continue their schoolwork while in the Student Success Program. This allows them to maintain their academic status and move toward post-secondary education or other goals. During the school year, a credentialed teacher oversees students as they work on their school assignments, and communicates with schools, parents, and the student’s clinical team as needed.

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