Recovery-Informed Executive Coaching

Reinvest in yourself. Reinvigorate your career.

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  • Expert coaches

    with considerable experience in working with high-level executives and

  • Support and guidance

    based solely on your needs, experiences, and goals

  • Confidential, nonjudgmental coaching

    relationship focused on moving you forward

Highlights of the Recovery-Informed Executive Coaching Program

Recovery is an invitation to a new way of living and working, especially for executives with overarching professional responsibilities, obligations, and goals. As executives complete treatment and return to their demanding lifestyles, our optional program offers 3-6 months of support from specially trained executive coaches who collaborate with Caron's behavioral health and recovery team on each case for a seamless extension of professional and personal guidance.

Your experiences and fundamental recovery skills, along with a focused executive coaching relationship, will position you for exponential growth in all areas of life. With unwavering support at a critical juncture, you can protect everything you've worked so hard to achieve throughout treatment.

Recovery-Informed, Therapeutically-Rooted Coaching: Propel your career. Safeguard your recovery.

Unlike the traditional executive coaching program, this one puts your recovery and holistic self-care first. You will work with an experienced executive coach who is specially trained in working with individuals who have been through treatment and want to place as much emphasis on protecting their recovery as they do in excelling in their careers and personal life.

With an executive coach who is recovery-informed and intimately understands the demanding lifestyle of an executive, you'll have a dedicated guide who understands your journey — personally and professionally. Our coaches work directly with Caron's clinicians and therapists to understand your individual background, needs, and journey throughout this optional post-treatment program. Working together, you'll have the support and executive advice to face challenging situations and potential personal triggers with healthy coping strategies. As you apply the principles you learned in treatment and develop a renewed personal and professional style to carry you forward, you'll have professional guidance.

Recovery-Informed Executive Coaching helps you use the strategies you’ve learned to tap into the strength, agility, and resilience you’ve uncovered throughout your journey to develop a guiding force for excelling in your professional life as well as your personal life.

Creating the capability for high-powered performance grounded in healthy, restorative recovery requires commitment and a willingness to move beyond limitations. With a recovery-informed executive coach, you benefit from:

  • A strategic and tactical partner to help you create the life you envision.
  • Support in the transition from the safety of the controlled recovery environment back into real life, and the people, circumstances, and demands you will likely encounter.
  • Guidance in designing a life that works for you and the people around you.
  • Coaching to help you deal with the realities of a sober lifestyle.
  • A confidential, nonjudgmental partner as you move forward, practicing self-care, making mistakes, hitting roadblocks, living authentically, and celebrating your victories both big and small.

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