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Yasmin Sorte

Yasmin Sorte
Senior Director of Development and Community Relations
A headshot of Yasmin Sorte.

Yasmin Sorte has worked in the alumni department since 2010, developing programs for alumni and family outreach. She is proud of the role she has playing in establishing robust family and alumni programs that provide multiple pathways for alumni and family members to get involved and give back.

Connecting family members in particular has motivated Yasmin’s work. “When I first started working at Caron, I called hundreds of families who were so excited and eager to hear from Caron. They are happy to give back in all kinds of ways, from making calls and contributing money to starting support groups and taking a current patient out for dinner or some other activity.”

Yasmin’s involvement with Caron began in 2001 when she was a public relations professional in New York City and volunteered for Caron’s Save A Life gala. That was the beginning of a passion, she says, for “helping people during the darkest time in their lives find a better way to live. I believe in our approach to treatment so wholeheartedly. That challenge to step out of comfort zone and address old issues works for patients who have tried everything else before they walked through Caron’s doors.”

During her career in the Alumni Department, she has developed programs such as the Family Buddy, the Aftercare program, Caron Renaissance Alumni Association, the Family Voice newsletter and the Gratitude Weekend reunion. She is particularly proud of that weekend because it illustrates the “pay it forward” spirit that so many Caron alumni have. “The weekend is free so that patients and alumni just starting out in recovery and on their own can attend. So many alumni I call contribute anyway to give back for what they received from Caron during their time here. Last year, we raised $450,000 for treatment scholarships during Gratitude Weekend.”

Yasmin received her bachelor’s degree in communications and French from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University.