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Moira Molloy

Moira Molloy
Nurse Practitioner
Areas of Expertise:
Addiction, Substance Use Disorders, Detoxification
A headshot of Moira Molloy.

Moira Molloy is a Nurse Practitioner at Caron Pennsylvania. In her role, she provides patient care, including medical histories and physicals and managing detoxification.

She oversees acute medical issues, as well as chronic medical problems throughout a patient’s treatment stay. Ms. Molloy is a certified adult nurse practitioner with certification from the ANCC. She also holds a post-master's certificate in gerontology.

She began her career at Mercy Hospital where she served as charge and staff nurse of an orthopedic medical/surgical unit. She then spent 18 years at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in various roles including as an RN in surgical intensive care. After becoming a nurse practitioner, Ms. Molloy joined the University of Pennsylvania’s Treatment Research Center where she worked on several clinical trials involving medications for treatment of substance use disorders. She was also a nurse practitioner for a clinical trial for patients with treatment-resistant depression in the University of Pennsylvania’s Depression Research Unit. Ms. Molloy also worked in their Center for Health Policy and Outcomes where she focused on medication adherence among patients with serious mental illness and HIV.

Ms. Molloy completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Marywood University. She received her Master of Science in Nursing and post-master's certificate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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