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Michael Otey

Michael Otey
Family Educator
Michael Otey

Michael Otey is a family educator in the Family Education program, helping families understand addiction and the recovery process, most critically breaking down the myths, delusions, and stigma that surround substance use disorder.

He also provides information about the medical model of addiction, the recovery process, and aftercare options. Mike’s goal is to give hope to family members with information and support that help them make positive changes for themselves and the family as a whole.

Mike is a respected and popular speaker who offers programs on a variety of topics related to addiction and recovery for a wide range of Caron audiences.

He has worked at Caron since 1992, first as a counselor assistant and counselor assistant supervisor for 10 years before becoming a family educator and family education coordinator.

I love this work because it enables me to enhance families’ quality of life and strengthen their connections to each other. The most valuable commodity for families is connection. The family education and support we provide brings families back to an awareness of that value and shows them how to nurture it in healthy ways.”

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