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Marika Horacek-Kunkle

Marika Horacek-Kunkle
Breakthrough Lead Therapist
A headshot of Marika Horacek-Kunkle.

Marika Horacek-Kunkle is a Lead Therapist with Caron’s Breakthrough Program. She believes in the power of the creative arts to reflect, contain, and provide ways to understand the complexities and often contradictory elements of our lives. Marika finds meaning in being able to create space to invite participants in the Breakthrough Program to utilize the creative arts to inspire, influence, and heal.

Prior to coming to Caron in 2018, Marika worked in a variety of adult settings providing therapeutic services to individuals in private hospitals, state facilities, and long-term structured residences. Allowing individuals to connect with themselves and others while developing a deeper understanding of the self has always been paramount for Marika.

She has fulfilled these goals by developing programming that links individuals residing in the community with peers at state facilities, implementing educational programming for the community focused on the benefits of utilizing art therapy, and facilitating a support group at the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance.

She is a licensed professional counselor and certified clinical trauma professional. She is also a certified experiential therapist, level 1, and a board-certified art therapist with training in psychodrama and internal family systems. Marika received her Master of Arts with distinction in creative arts therapy from Hofstra University, Long Island, New York.

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