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Lori Albert-Walker

Lori Albert-Walker
Clinical Advisor at Caron Atlanta
Areas of Expertise:
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As clinical advisor for Caron Atlanta, Lori Albert-Walker facilitates adult intensive outpatient services and family sessions and multi-family groups for teens and adults. She has more than 30 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults.

Lori’s keen intuition and ability to understand the individual as well as family dynamics enable her to guide individuals and families through the challenges they face in treatment and recovery. Before taking on the position of clinical advisor, Lori was a regional resource director for Caron.

Prior to coming to Caron, Lori helped develop, coordinate, and implement programs for young adults suffering from addiction, eating disorder as a dual diagnosis, and psychiatric issues at a mental health facility in Atlanta. She received training in family therapy utilizing several approaches that help families understand the process of change related to navigating life stages, especially when complicated by addiction and other mental health issues.

She also has a private practice providing individual, couples, and family therapy and leading support groups for families and individuals. In addition to addiction, she works with those struggling with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, trauma, and co-dependency.

Lori has trained in several therapeutic modalities including but not limited to brainspotting, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. She has had extensive experience serving on a treatment team and facilitating long-term continuing care groups for recovering professionals who have suffered from both substance use and psychiatric illness.

Lori has great passion for young people and their families who may be impacted by substance use or other psychiatric illnesses.

She is a nationally recognized presenter on treatment for addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders and psychosis related to all populations.

Lori received a master’s degree in social work from Florida State University.

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