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Kelli Frey

Kelli Frey
Family Therapist
Kelli Frey

As a Family Therapist in the Family Education Program, Kelli Frey educates families about addiction, self-care, and setting boundaries. She also provides family therapy and facilitates group therapy.

Kelli’s previous experience as a counselor at Caron gives her an in-depth understanding and empathy for the needs and issues of both patients and families.

She started at Caron in 2007 as an administrative assistant in the Student Assistance Program, moving on to a role as specialist leading programs in schools. In 2011, she became an addiction counselor and then a family therapist in 2013.

Kelli is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and a certified alcohol and drug counselor. She has a Master of Arts in mental health counseling from Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School.

Understanding the interplay of addiction and family dynamics is the foundation of the work I do to help families understand their situation and find a path to healthy recovery for the whole family.”

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