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Jason Handy

Jason Handy
Family Therapist
Florida (Renaissance)
Areas of Expertise:
Addiction, Families and Addiction
Jason Handy

As a Family Therapist, Jason Handy’s goal is to help family members and patients understand their family system so that they can create healthier, more open relationships.

Through individual and group therapy, he supports family members in examining their family histories, roles, and their hopes for a strengthened relationship. He also participates in the Family Restructuring Program and educates family members in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and how they can use its approach to inspire long-term positive change.

Jason started at Caron Renaissance in 2017 as a counselor assistant and became an intensive outpatient therapist in 2020. He was among the first people trained in DBT at Caron Renaissance and helped to implement the DBT program while he was a counselor assistant.

Prior to his work at Caron, he worked within the HIV/AIDS population for five years in case management.

He has a Master of Science in counseling and a Master of Science in forensic psychology, both from Nova Southeastern University. In addition to being DBT certified, he is certified in mindfulness training and suicidality, and trauma-informed care.

What motivates my work is the desire to bring healing for family members and their loved ones, giving them the support to put the pieces together in a way that will give them a foundation for healthy communication and relationship. My goal is to help them achieve peace and well being for themselves and their families as a whole.”

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