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Howard Murray

Howard Murray
Academic Success Supervisor
Areas of Expertise:
Teens and Young Adults, Higher Education, Recovery Schools, Education

Howard Murray oversees Caron’s collegiate and high school off-campus Student Success programming and supervises the staff that works in those programs.

This includes managing all high school programming at Caron’s partner for Sober High School Residence. His team provides recovery-informed academic advising for both high school and college students who have been in treatment. He also works with parents, keeping them advised of their student’s progress.

Watching students realize their potential and striving to meet their goals gives him immense satisfaction as does seeing them reestablish relationships and trust with their loved ones. The pride it brings their families and the belief it establishes in themselves is what continues to motivate him and his team to provide high quality care with Caron’s overall mission of “Recovery for Life” leading the way. His role enables him to relieve parents of worry because they know he and his staff are supporting their children to reach their academic and life goals.

He began working at Caron in 2011 as a counselor assistant, later becoming the clinical administration supervisor overseeing the counselor assistants across campus. Before coming to Caron, he worked at another inpatient treatment center as a part of the support staff.

Howard has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is working on a master’s degree in higher education.

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