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Gabrielle Marshall

Gabrielle Marshall
Family Therapist
Gabrielle Marshall

Gabrielle Marshall is the family therapist for Women's and Relapse Women programs. As a family therapist, she provides sessions with patients and families, facilitates weekly family groups, and offers education through the Family Education Program.

She employs empathy, humor, and flexibility in her work with patients and families, using her social work experience and education to help them better understand their past, and help create a path to a healthy future.

Prior to joining Caron in 2019, Gabrielle was an assistant director at a foster care agency and a counselor at a juvenile detention center. She is a licensed social worker, with a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Social Work from Kutztown University.

The work we do here provides a message of hope for families and patients, regardless of what happened in their past.”

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