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Evan Kotler

Evan Kotler
Family Therapist
Evan Kotler

Evan Kotler is a family therapist with Caron Florida’s Mental Health Program, a role in which he supports patients and their families by helping them recognize the best in themselves and each other to better understand and improve their relationships.

He does that by getting to know patients and family members, developing rapport and understanding the goals they have for themselves and the issues they are facing. A critical part of his job is empathetic listening. Working with his patients and family members, Evan identifies the ways he can best support them through individual, family, and group therapy. He offers education and support for setting healthy boundaries, improving communication and validation skills, cultivating mindfulness, and increasing effective habits.

Evan came to Caron in 2023 with previous experience at other treatment centers and in private practice, working with patients of all ages, from teens and young adults to older adults, and their families. That work gave him a strong foundation for his role at Caron. As a therapist at another mental health and addiction treatment center, he worked with patients and families on a wide range of issues from depression, anxiety, and mood disorders to process addictions and substance use disorder. He also had a private practice working with individuals and couples with a primary focus on mental health issues, process addiction recovery, relationship dynamics, sexual concerns, and pornography addiction.

Evan is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. He also has a Master of Arts in education from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and a Bachelor of Arts in social science education, also from Florida Atlantic University.

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