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Evan Emery

Evan Emery
Therapist, College Success® Services
Florida (Renaissance)
A headshot of Evan Emery.

Evan Emery serves as a therapist for Caron Renaissance’s College Success® services. He started this position as “collegiate recovery coordinator” in 2016, providing academic counseling for patients and assessing their readiness to reengage in their education, ultimately creating a road map that can guide patients to realizing their life and recovery goals.

He brings a clinical lens to the program so that it is a learning experience for both patients and their families to better understand the skills needed to succeed in recovery and in college.

He enjoys supporting patients to change their paths to a more positive direction.

As an undergraduate, Evan interned as a therapist at a local college counseling center. While in graduate school, Evan interned for a community mental health center as a therapist working with a wide range of clients with different needs. When Evan started working as a counselor assistant at Caron Renaissance in 2014, it gave him the opportunity to see Caron Renaissance’s clinical philosophy in action and gain an in-depth understanding of patients’ needs and the support they require.

Evan is in supervision for licensure as a licensed clinical social worker, having recently graduated with a master’s degree in social work. He holds a Bachelor of Science in social work from Florida Atlantic University.