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Erica Salmon

Erica Salmon
Primary Therapist
Florida (Renaissance)
Erica Salmon

As a primary therapist, Erica Salmon works with Renaissance patients individually and in groups providing the support and expertise they need to go beyond the surface of substance abuse into the core issues that prevent them from moving toward healthy, productive lives in recovery.

“That opportunity to go more deeply into the underlying issues to create a shift in how patients live their lives is the most rewarding part of the work I do.”

Erica began working at Caron in 2020, with 10 years of previous experience as a therapist in various settings, including at an adult psychiatric unit. That experience, she notes, gave her an in-depth understanding of the issues that often block recovery, like anxiety and depression, for example.

She has also worked as a therapist at two treatment centers as well as at a community mental health center and a maximum-security facility for juveniles.

Erica is a licensed clinical social worker, with a bachelor’s degree in social work from Florida State University and a master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University.

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