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Emily Myers

Emily Myers
Behavioral Health Therapist

Emily Myers is a Behavioral Health Therapist in the Men’s Program.

In this role, she provides individual counseling, facilitates group therapy, offers psychoeducation on topics related to behavioral health and substance use disorder, and works with patients to create an aftercare plan. Her therapeutic goal is to give patients the space and attention they need to feel heard and know that she is a staunch advocate for their health and recovery.

Emily started at Caron in 2020 as a behavioral health technician, then worked briefly as an associate therapist before taking on her current role at the end of 2020. She did an internship at Caron in 2019 while working on her master’s degree.

Before coming to Caron, she worked with young adults and children with disabilities as a physical and occupational therapy aide.

She has a Master of Arts in clinical mental health counseling from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation and human services from Penn State.

At Caron, we treat patients from all walks of life and backgrounds yet we treat each as an individual with a unique story and unique needs. To meet them where they are and help them move through treatment and into recovery is fulfilling work.”

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