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Elizabeth Wooldridge

Elizabeth Wooldridge
Academic Case Manager, High School and College Success
Areas of Expertise:
Higher Education, Education

Elizabeth Wooldridge is the academic case manager for Caron’s High School and College Success Program, providing academic assessments and support to student in treatment.

As a caring, compassionate advocate and mentor, her core role is to give students the support and tools they need to manage their academics. As a result, she helps them learn how to be better students and build self-esteem and the capability to take responsibility in their lives in recovery.

She helps them continue their schoolwork if possible; works with them to navigate medical leaves, withdrawals, or leaves of absence; and acts as a liaison with their home schools. She also updates parents on how students are progressing.

Before taking on this position in 2019, Elizabeth was in recovery services, most recently as the clinical supervisor for the My First Year of Recovery Program. That experience gave her a body of knowledge about the obstacles and stumbling blocks that occur in recovery, which she uses to provide her students the tools to remain successful and avoid specific challenges. She has been with Caron since 2005.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology.

This role allows me to advocate for students in treatment and help them build their self-esteem and understand that they are capable of achieving success, both academically and in recovery.”

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