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Dr. Tory Snyder

Dr. Tory Snyder
Staff Physician
Areas of Expertise:
Addiction, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tory Snyder

Dr. Tory Snyder joined Caron in 2021 as a staff physician, after completing her year-long addiction medicine fellowship at Caron and Tower Health and more recently becoming board-certified in addiction medicine.

Prior to coming to Caron, Dr. Snyder was a board-certified emergency medicine physician at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw, Michigan, from 2004 until 2020. In addition to treating patients, she supervised and taught Central Michigan University’s emergency medicine residents and medical students.

That experience informs her current role at Caron, having treated people dealing with addiction in the emergency room and providing care to people from all age groups and walks of life. As an ER doctor, Dr. Snyder gained extensive experience in diagnosis, prevention, evaluation, and treatment and developed a working knowledge of trauma and its effects. She is adept at dealing compassionately and constructively with patients and their family members and working collaboratively with them and her hospital colleagues.

Dr. Snyder is committed to ensuring patients have the best possible experience during their time in treatment and believes that treatment team collaboration offers high-quality continuity of care.

Caron’s treatment philosophy aligns with the goals I have as a physician: to look individually at each patient in order to treat not just the disease but the underlying contributors to that disease and the quality-of-life issues it creates. Our ability to provide medical, psychological, and spiritual care with compassion and empathy can turn lives around. I have seen it in action.”

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