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Diane Lillington

Diane Lillington
Behavioral Health Therapist
MSW, LSW, DBT-certified
Diane Lillington

Diane Lillington is a Behavioral Health Therapist in the Grand View Women's Program. Her goal is to guide her patients as they heal from substance use disorder and move toward a healthy recovery.

She provides individual therapy, facilitates group therapy, and educates her patients about addiction and recovery. With her empathetic and non-judgmental style, she employs evidence-based approaches such as dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. In collaboration with the program’s family therapist, she also provides support for families.

Diane began working at Caron in 2020. She has been a therapist for seven years, with previous experience that includes working with patients with a history of trauma, those with substance use disorder and mental health disorders, and patients who experience continuous relapses. She has worked an inpatient behavioral health facility, outpatient treatment centers, and in private practice.

She is a licensed social worker certified in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) with a Master of Social Work from Kutztown University.

Dissolving the stigma around substance use disorder is a necessary first step in order to properly treat my patients and give them the foundation for a healthy recovery. We use a holistic approach to treat the disease of addiction by understanding the individual needs of each person.”

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