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Dan Westerman

Dan Westerman
Family Therrapist
Areas of Expertise:
Family Therapy
Dan Westerman

As a Family Therapist in the Older Adult Program, Dan Westerman provides clinical and educational services for families of patients, in coordination with the multidisciplinary team dedicated to the Older Adult Program.

Dan recognizes that each family member plays an important part of the whole, and it is important that each person’s voice is heard. Through an empathetic and educational approach, Dan works with patients and their family system to identify and begin addressing the systemic issue that may be occurring.

He began working at Caron in 2010 and has experience working with various age groups and family systems before, during, and after their residential treatment programming. Before joining the Family Services treatment team, Dan worked with patients and family members to learn about the individual's history and their family system, and them identify the type of program that would benefit them most.

Additionally, Dan treated young adults and adolescents during their treatment at Caron, helping prepare them and their families to navigate the waters of early recovery. Prior to coming to Caron, he worked with a healthcare organization assisting the persistent and severely mentally ill, using an assertive community treatment approach.

Dan is a certified allied addiction practitioner (CAAP) and provides cognitive processing therapy (CPT) for post-traumatic stress disorder. He is a licensed social worker (LSW) and received his Master of Social Work degree from Kutztown University, Pa.

Caron’s treatment approach emphasizes the need to educate the whole family in order to give each patient and their family members the ability to create healthy lives in recovery. With empathy and compassion, I work with family members to ensure that each person’s voice is heard and that we address the systemic issues blocking the way to recovery.

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