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Courtney Donaldson

Courtney Donaldson
Intake Coordinator
Courtney Donaldson

As the Intake Coordinator for the My First Year of Recovery Program since 2016, Courtney Donaldson works with internal and external referents to determine if the program is a good fit for their clients.

Courtney explains the program and how it works to clients and their families and enrolls them. When possible, she also introduces them to the recovery support specialists who will work with them. In addition, Courtney handles administrative duties for the department.

Building and maintaining good relationships with both Caron referents and others has enabled her to ensure that the process of transitioning clients from treatment to My First Year works smoothly for everyone involved.

She came to Caron in 2013 as a counselor assistant. She has a Bachelor of Arts in addiction studies as well as personal experience with addiction in her family that helps her relate to the clients and families she works with.

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