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Corey Rabin, Esq.

Corey Rabin, Esq.
Advisor to the Legal Professionals Program
Florida (Ocean Drive), Florida (Renaissance), Pennsylvania
Corey Rabin, Esq.

As clinical advisor to Caron’s Legal Professionals Program, Corey Rabin works closely with staff on many aspects of the program. Most recently, he has helped develop a Legal Professionals Program at Caron’s Florida location.

He provides ongoing educational presentations about substance use disorder to the legal community in New York City and Florida. As an attorney in recovery, Corey also shares his personal experience and provides empathy and encouragement to patients and alumni in treatment and support groups.

A managing partner at Rabin, Panero & Herrick Esqs. in New York City, Corey is widely recognized for his legal and business skills. He specializes in estate administration and complex real estate transactions. A skilled and experienced negotiator, his personal skills and his analytical abilities make him an especially effective advocate.