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Christine Lewin

Christine Lewin
Outpatient Therapist

Christine Lewin is the Primary Adolescent Therapist at Caron Counseling Services, a position she has had since 2020.

She ensures her patients have access to the treatment they need and supports them as they work through their treatment and move toward a healthy life in recovery. In addition to individual therapy, Christine facilitates intensive, partial, and secondary outpatient groups and provides biopsychosocial and level-of-care assessments.

Erasing the stigma of addiction is a critical part of the work we do. I try to help my patients understand that their darkest moments can become their greatest assets if they learn from them.”

She brings more than 20 years of therapy experience, including working with first responders at an inpatient treatment center and serving as the director of admissions at a residential facility for children.

Christine is a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor and substance abuse professional. She has a Master of Arts in human services psychology from LaSalle University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Temple University.

The capacity that teenagers have to learn and change is incredible. It’s what I love most about working with them.”